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AI Pipelines

Xpertly leverages AI to assist Enterprises in managing IT and Business operations. AI pipelines allow your enterprise to engage AI to perform various tasks.

Observability Pipelines

Xpertly offers a distinctive, unified observability view for all digital systems—applications, infrastructure, SaaS, PaaS, operational technology, etc. This is achieved through monitoring a critical variable: change.

Data & Delivery Pipelines

Create delivery pipelines in minutes. Moves, Adds, Changes and Deletions built based on your standard operating procedures and automated to serve your enterprise.

Compliance Pipelines

Continuous testing is crucial for business continuity, and Xpertly enables businesses to construct compliance pipelines that represent optimal system operations.

Assurance Pipelines

Assurance pipelines allow you to create business rules that instruct Xpertly to execute an action. Actions are a response to an operating condition identified in a observability or compliance pipeline.

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How Clients are using Xpertly to benefit from digital business operations

Digital Delivery

Customers are supercharging internal teams by using Xpertly to automate and orchestrate the delivery of IT services in both large-scale transformation programs and everyday BAU tasks. This dramatically reduces time to value and delivers amazing customer experiences.

Digital Managed Services

Customers are using Xpertly to create digital managed services that align with their standard operating procedures. The approach not only dramatically reduces the cost of a managed service, but also improves its potency.

Ready for Business

Build business centric views like ‘ready for trade’ or ‘ready for business’ which provide an objective view of business operations. Include all critical systems, applications and platforms that support your ability to conduct business. No more waiting on second hand information, Xpertly will tell you if you are ready.

Question and Answer (QnA)

The democratising of information. Xpertly powers your Enterprise QnA service allowing any level of expertise to answer operational questions at the blink of an eye. Get answers fast from your company’s knowledge base or directly from your systems.

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