Automate IT… Here’s How!

2020 has challenged our norms and ushered in many world firsts. We have proven we can do better. We have greater risk tolerance. The art of the possible is the new modus operandi and our appetite for change is not satiated. We are enterprising!
So, while we’re at it, can we please fix IT?
Businesses are more reliant than ever on ICT systems. They often deliver a competitive market advantage, however their upkeep is challenging, expensive and convoluted. But does it need to be this way? Apple, Google and others, have shown us how we can leverage inherently complex technologies in simple intuitive ways. So, why can’t we do the same with our IT systems?
It’s All In The Mindset…
We must inculcate some of the learnings of 2020 if we’re to fix IT. Our fear of, and resistance to change, is single handedly stifling our ability to be better. Resisting change is often a knee jerk reaction regardless of the benefits it may deliver. One such example is our inability to embrace automation to deliver and manage ICT. By automating IT, we can redefine how we deliver and support it. At a minimum, we can obfuscate complexity and find better commercial models that are favourable to all.

Hardware and software vendors are providing customers with the ability to integrate these technologies into their bespoke operating models, through published APIs. As such, businesses now have greater control of their competitive advantage. The intellectual property gained, is in how you integrate and leverage commodity technologies to deliver your products. Subscribing to a “one size fits all” approach for support and delivery, is no longer an option.
Incorporate. Automate. Accelerate.
At OverIP we’ve been working to digitise the delivery of services by embracing automation and analytics. Xpertly – our automation as a service platform – enables all clients big or small, to embrace automation without introducing significant change to the organisation. The Xpertly platform is an extension of your existing teams allowing you to digitise activities and accessing them on demand. Most importantly, you decide what, when, and how you incorporate automation.

Uniquely, Xpertly is offered on a subscription as a service. This means you realise the benefits of automation, with no strings attached! We are offering customers a free three month trial, if you signup in December 2020. So, reach out to us at and start your journey towards digitised IT in 2021.

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